Sunday, May 31, 2015

Current Progress on Halloween 2015 Project

Last week I started my game project for Halloween 2015.  Usually I start around a week before Halloween, but the last couple of years I had trouble releasing them during the desired time frame.  To address this issue (and to result in a project with much more content and attention to detail) I have started this project a little less than half of a year before Halloween.

I have some progress videos to document the process.

This first test was an attempt to demonstrate the engine that I created during the first day of development. I was going for a kind of mixture between games like The Uninvited, The Journeyman Project, Maniac Mansion, and Advanced Dungeons And Dragons: Eye of the Beholder.  The player gets to walk around in a pseudo-3D environment and interact with different objects.

This second video revealed some NPC interactions.  This was established during the second day of development and showed off NPC dialogue.

This third test also came from the second day, where I applied a Banjo-Kazooie meets Animal Crossing voice engine.  Maximum creepiness was applied.

Here I established the inventory management system.  This is where the game really started to come together.  Item interaction is where the player gets to accumulate interaction options by picking items off of the ground.

Now having everything programmed I needed to start the actual level design, I set to work programming the introductory area of the game and the first simple inventory puzzles.  I also implemented the character of Adam the Brain, a character that I intend to make a lot of use of throughout entirety of the game.

If that kind of use of a character doesn't make you love him, then you're a normal human being with good taste.

This is essentially where I last left off in terms of demonstrations of the game.  I will continue to update here as I make progress in the game.

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