Friday, June 12, 2015

Halloween 2015 Update: Captain Fleshmost the Talkmost

I've been working on my Halloween game for a few weeks now and haven't updated much.  This is because I've been working much less on features of the game and more of the meat of the game itself.  Since I recently included two interesting characters, I thought that I'd share them: the first is Captain Fleshmost, the fleshless pirate drunkard who will drone on for forever if you let him about his days as a swashbuckling pirate.

The second is the talking floppy diskette, who acts as your save station.  To save the game, you must bring it a floppy diskette for it to write your progress onto.  Don't worry, your floppy disks are rewritable.

Don't worry, I should have more to show off soon.

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