Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Rerelease

Three years ago I released a small game to my friends on social media sites.  This game was called "Halloween 2013," or "Halloween Scavenger Hunt."

This year I decided to update and rerelease the game with some new features.

Halloween games were a tradition for me once upon a time, starting in 2008.  I tried to get one made every year, even if it would be very unambitious.  It started with an incredibly simple arcade-style score builder game about a guy running around a field with a shovel fighting pumpkin-headed monsters that I programmed in 4 hours.  The Halloween Scavenger Hunt was the last game in the tradition, and because I had lumped on some additional ambition what should have been a 2 day project became 5 days, not releasing until November 1st.

The idea had started as an attempt to make a collect-a-thon where the player must evade zombies in a grave yard.  This would be a score-building arcade survival game that would go on until the player is inevitabily caught.  I ended up expanding the scenery and soon enough I was adding more monsters and items.  It became obvious that the game was going to become a scavenger hunt, and it was clear to me what I wanted the finished product to be.
With graphics ripped from Earthbound, Mother, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors! I designed the game around darting around and evading enemies while collecting items.
To this day I'm still really happy with how this game came out.  Even with the borrowed graphics I feel like this is a game that expressed exactly the feel I wanted it to.  It has exploration, interesting enemies, secrets, simple gameplay, and lots of variety.

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